Way To Go Dad

Way To Go Dad

Ed O’Neill poses during a portrait session in New York on May 30, 2024, while promoting the FX limited series “Clipped.” (AP Photo/Gary Gerard Hamilton)

A list of the Best and Worst TV Dads is trending in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday. Danny Tanner from “Full House” was voted best TV Dad while Al Bundy was voted worst from “Married with Children.” It’s kind of ironic because Ed O’Neill who plays Al Bundy also plays Jay Pritchett on “Modern Family” and he was voted one of the best.

1.  Best:  Danny Tanner,  “Full House”.

2.  Worst:  Tony Soprano,  “The Sopranos”.

3.  Best:  Phil Dunphy, Jay Pritchett, Cam Tucker, and Mitchell Pritchett,  “Modern Family”.

4.  Worst:  Al Bundy,  “Married . . . With Children”

5.  Best:  Mike Brady,  “The Brady Bunch”

6.  Worst:  Peter Griffin,  “Family Guy”.

7.  Best:  Michael Bluth,  “Arrested Development”.

8.  Worst:  George Bluth Sr.,  “Arrested Development”.

9.  Best:  Jack Pearson,  “This Is Us”.

10.  Worst:  Frank Gallagher,  “Shameless”.

(Image: AP Newsroom)