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The Anna & Raven Show: Leftovers; Zoom Protocol; Thank You 2020

The Anna & Raven Show:  Leftovers; Zoom Protocol; Thank You 2020

Wednesday November 25th, 2020


What’s the craziest thing your kid has wanted for Christmas?  Anna’s daughter wanted a life-time supply of plastic straws last year (long story) but you won’t believe what she asked for this year!


Was 2020 really that bad?  Ok, yeah it definitely was.  But that doesn’t mean it was ALL bad!  Anna and Raven list the thing’s they’re thankful for this year, with a little help from Producer Jon.  Find out what they liked about 2020 in the Podcast! (6:56)


Pranks are one thing, but if you steal THIS from a disabled Veteran at Christmas time, that’s all I need to know about you!  Get the full story in the podcast!  (11:19)


He’s helped us cook the turkey, he’s given us great drink ideas, and told us how to make delicious desserts.  Now all that’s left is the leftovers!  Get some great ideas for Thanksgiving Day leftovers from the Food Networks Chef Plum!  ((14:46)


Anna was all in on the Sister Gift Exchange.  She was confident in the good intentions of the other people taking part, and she even got her friends to participate!  Until the Better Business Bureau said THIS about it!  (17:45)


2020 will be remembered as the year of Zoom!  Zoom birthdays, Zoom happy hours, and now Zoom Thanksgiving.  Anna and Raven talk about the top 5 things that families are planning to do on Zoom this holiday season.  Have you ever done #5?  (21:39)


The holiday’s are stressful, and the added stress of 2020 definitely doesn’t make it easier!  This Wellness Wednesday, Anna and Raven  use the 5-4-3-2-1 Technique to destress and brush off the stress of the holiday season.  Find out how in the Podcast! (25:24)


Couples Court: He’s going back to school to change his career-he thinks it will better their lives and he’s put a lot of work in already. She says he isn’t taking it seriously, failing classes and wasting their money- it’s time to pull the plug! Whose side are you on?  (28:43)


Raven’s win streak continues but Lisa thinks she has what it takes to beat him and claim the $800 prize!  Will she succeed?  (35:16)

Anna’s Pie?!

Anna’s Pie?!

Earlier this week raven made a joke about eating Anna’s pie she accidentally left at work…but was it really a joke?

Grammy Nominations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Grammy Nominations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The 2021 Grammy Nominations went out yesterday causing tears both happy and sad.  Beyoncé scored the most nominations with 9 including Record of The Year, Song of the Year, Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Song for “Black Parade.” This is the 7th time that Beyoncé is nominated for Record of The Year tieing her with Frank Sinatra with most nominations for the category.

Taylor Swift did very well with six nominations, Dua Lipa scored six as well and Justin Bieber got a nomination he is not too happy about.  His album, Changes, is up for Besy Pop Vocal Album of The Year but he claims the album is R&B.   After 10 years in the industry Harry Styles received his first Grammy nomination!

The Weeknd had a HUGE album this year and didn’t receive a nomination.  He took to twitter saying it is because of his Superbowl Halftime Show Performance…. anyone else confused by that?

(Image: AP Newsroom)

Police say a Bay Shore man killed his mom 2 days before Thanksgiving

Police say a Bay Shore man killed his mom 2 days before Thanksgiving

(Bay Shore, NY)-  Just two days before Thanksgiving, Suffolk County Police arrested a Bay Shore man, for allegedly killing his mother. Authorities say Third Precinct officers responded to a 911 call at 433 East Main Street after a man called and stated that he had killed his mother.  Police say the call came in around 4 p. m. on Tuesday, November 24, 2020.  Officers found 70 year old Barbara Lawson dead in the apartment.  Homicide Squad detectives arrested Barbara’s son, 24-year-old Logan Lawson at the scene.  Lawson was charged with Manslaughter 1st degree.  An autopsy will determine the cause of Barbara Lawson’s death.

Photo: Suffolk County Police


Suffolk County SPCA offer Thanksgiving tips for your pets

Suffolk County SPCA offer Thanksgiving tips for your pets

(East Farmingdale, NY)- The Suffolk County SPCA offer the following tips to help keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving.

  1.  Avoid feeding your pet table scraps–as this may cause at a minimum weight gain, and we all want to avoid that this season. Keep turkey bones away from your pets. These dangerous treats can cause obstructions, choking and damage to the intestines. Bones can splinter on consumption and cause grave injury.
  2. Pets thrive on routine. Please make sure that your holiday guests understand your pet’s “house rules” when it comes to play time, treats, jumping, getting on counters, table scraps, and the like. Help them to keep your pet mindful of its training and good manners.
  3. Chocolate should be kept out of your pet’s reach all the time. Dark chocolate is the most toxic and can be fatal. Onions and garlic can cause severe anemia especially in cats. Raising and grapes can cause significant kidney damage and result in renal failure.
  4. As you prepare for the cold weather be sure to clean up antifreeze spills right away. The sweet smell of this highly poisonous substance attracts pets to it.
Photo: (AP Photo/Matthew Mead, File)

Mail your letters to Santa program returns to Nassau County

Mail your letters to Santa program returns to Nassau County

(East Farmingdale, NY)-  There are multiple ways to get your letter to Santa this year.  On Tuesday, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced that the children of Nassau County will once again be able to send their holiday lists directly to Santa through special mailboxes at various county parks and even via email as part of the Mail Your Letters To Santa Program.

Nassau County officials say that children who send letters to Santa will receive a reply in the form of a “Santa-Gram” from the North Pole, with Santa’s elves at the Parks Department pitching in to send cheery but noncommittal letters in response to children’s letters.

To assure a reply, each letter must contain the child’s name and address, written legibly. There is no postage necessary for the Santa letters. The “Santa-Grams” will be sent before the holiday.

Santa’s Mailboxes at Nassau County Parks will be available from November 30, 2020 to December 18, 2020.

Colorful red and green mailboxes will be accessible from 10am to 4pm daily.  They will be placed in a prominent location in the lobbies or just outside of the administration buildings of the following parks:

• Cantiague Park, West John Street, Hicksville

• Christopher Morley Park, Searingtown Road, Roslyn – North Hills

• Grant Park, Broadway & Sheridan Ave., Hewlett

• Mackey Park, Lakeview Drive & Washington Ave, Roosevelt

• Wantagh Park, Merrick Road, Wantagh

• Eisenhower Park’s Aquatic Center, Merrick Avenue, East Meadow

• Old Bethpage Village Restoration, Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage (Wednesday-Sunday)

Residents can also email Santa at:

The letters can also be dropped off at the Parks Department’s Administration Building in Eisenhower Park, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4:45pm.  For more information, visit


Photo: 2019, Nassau County Exec Office


55-year sentence affirmed for 15-year-old MS-13 gang killer

55-year sentence affirmed for 15-year-old MS-13 gang killer

NEW YORK (AP) — An appeals court has affirmed a 55-year prison term for a MS-13 gang member who led the slaughter of four young men in a Long Island park when he was 15. But the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also expressed disappointment Tuesday that parole was not still available for federal prisoners like Josue Portillo, now 19. The appeals panel said the case serves as a “classic illustration of the unfortunate consequences” of a decision by Congress to eliminate parole in the 1980s. The judges said Portillo might behave better in prison and pursue learning opportunities if he saw a chance for freedom before age 70.

Photo:  (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Cuomo pleads with New Yorkers to skip in person gatherings on Thanksgiving

Cuomo pleads with New Yorkers to skip in person gatherings on Thanksgiving

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The state’s governor and New York City’s mayor made one more plea Tuesday to urge people to abandon plans for in-person Thanksgiving festivities. Gov. Andrew Cuomo donned a turkey-themed face mask at a press conference in Long Island, where he disclosed he will no longer be celebrating Thanksgiving with his 89-year-old mother in-person. Cuomo urged New Yorkers to just say no to Thanksgiving gatherings to help reduce COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations, which he said are rising at a dangerous level. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said JetBlue is offering self-test kits for departing New Yorkers, but urged travelers to stay home.

Photo: (Kevin P. Coughlin/State of New York via AP)

2 NYPD officers from LI hurt on the job

2 NYPD officers from LI hurt on the job

NEW YORK (AP) — Two New York City police officers shot and killed an off-duty college security officer after he opened fire and wounded them as they responded to a domestic violence call at his home. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said 41-year-old Rondell Goppy walked into his Queens home and started shooting around 12:45 p.m., just minutes after the officers arrived there with a woman who had gone to their police station to report an assault. Thirty-six-year-old Officer Christopher Wells was shot in the leg and needed surgery to repair a fractured femur. Thirty-three-year-old Officer Joseph Murphy was wounded in the hand and also required surgery for his injuries. She said both officers were awake and stable.

Photo: (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)