Wednesday May 15, 2024: Hush Vacations; Broke At Home; Landlord Beef

Wednesday May 15, 2024: Hush Vacations; Broke At Home; Landlord Beef

Is May really filled with the most boring events? Based on how many people have been walking out of major life events, the answer may be yes!.

Have you ever taken a Hush Vacation? It doesn’t work with every job, but they’re growing in popularity!

What’s constantly broke in your home that you just haven’t got around to fixing yet? Raven has a constant list of things to fix in his house and he’s let a bunch of them go for a long time!

A “portal” has opened between New York City and Dublin! But despite the cool sci-fi nature of it, this portal has gone horribly wrong!

What are Rage Rituals and how can they help you get out all that pent up stress? It’s a common thing for men, but Anna found one designed for women!

Have you ever had beef with your landlord? Producer Sean has been in a fight with his landlord following an incident with a slip-n-slide…

Anna’s favorite bathing suit of all time has returned! Stylist Lauren Perez gives all the details!

Anna is putting her husband on the spot! Anna lost a bag last year and she suspects her husband of foul play, so she’s brought him on the air to call him out!

Dale and Marina’s son is good friends with their next-door neighbor. They’re the same ago, seven. They’ve noticed recently that when they’re not home, the boy next door will come over and still play on their playscape. They have an open back yard, so he just wanders over from his own yard. Dale doesn’t want the child on the property if they’re not home. Marina says it’s no big deal! What do you think?

Christina has got a shot at $3200! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!