Monday February 12, 2024: Anna’s Public Apology; Super Bowl Commercials; Body Oddity

Monday February 12, 2024: Anna’s Public Apology; Super Bowl Commercials; Body Oddity

Zoom may not be as common as it was a few years ago but it’s still used often in the workplace, which is why Anna was shocked to realize that many people still break these basic Zoom rules!

How does a hot girl practice self care? Anna and Raven spoke to Hannah Brown, the “Hot Girl Anthropologist”, who shared some tips!

Valentines Day in just a few days away and if you’re settling for buying gas station flowers, that’s all I need to know about you!

The big game was last night, but all Anna wants to talk about are the commercials! Producer Jon had no idea what Anna’s favorite commercial was even selling!

Do you have a body oddity? Anna read a fascinating study about what body oddity can predict athletic ability!

Did you do something nice this weekend and nobody thanked you? Anna and Raven will give you your credit due!

Anna owes someone an apology. Odds are, this person will never hear the apology, but Anna feels the need to give it anyway…

This is one of the biggest week’s for candy sales of the year! Anna and Raven spoke to Confectioner Carli Schildhaus about the bizarre thing that some people do with a box of chocolates!

Laura and Nick have been dating for over a year and Nick’s family still accidentally calls her Lisa. Why is that so hurtful? Because that was his ex-girlfriend’s name. Nick has mentioned it to his parents but they continue to do it. He says they are absent minded and don’t mean it as an insult. She wants him to call them and explain once again that it’s inappropriate and to call her by her correct name. He says she’s overreacting, she can just remind them when they make the mistake. What do you think? 

Jennifer has got a shot at $400! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!