Wednesday April 19, 2023:  Too Sad On Social Media; Plane Protocol; Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday April 19, 2023:  Too Sad On Social Media; Plane Protocol; Wellness Wednesday

Did you know that you’re likely wasting over $3000 a year on food?  Anna found an article about the most common foods that get thrown out without getting eaten! (:30)

We all spend too much time on our devices these days, but is there a simple way to feel more connected to nature and the world around us?  According to one study, it starts with just taking off your shoes! (3:31)

It’s not cool to hold people up at a the light, but if you beep at somebody the second the light turns green, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:13)

Which food belongs in the fridge and which belong in the pantry?  The Food Network’s Chef Plum had some surprising answers to this question that could extend the life and quality of your groceries! (10:49)

Producer Jon posted a picture of his son that Anna found really questionable! She left it up to the callers and the former Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli to determine if Jon was out of line! (14:35)

Producer Jon has got three crazy news stories and he’s going to deliver them the best way he knows how.  Through song! (25:07)

Is it always your responsibility to clean up after your children?  The answer seems obvious but according to etiquette expert Karen Thomas, the answer may not be that simple! (28:44)

When do you know it’s time to away you makeup? Dr. Jennifer Wider spoke to Anna about when it’s time to just let it go! (32:43)

James and Alexa pay extra for a reserved spot at their apartment building. It’s very close to the main entrance of the complex. Lately, their neighbor that just had twins has been parking in their reserved spot. Despite living next door for the last two years, they have never really spoken. James is mad and wants to leave a note telling her to stop parking in their spot. Alexa says that having twins is obviously difficult and give her some grace for a while and allow her park there. What would you? (36:33)

With Raven on vacation, we are playing Craigslist Price Is Right! If you can guess the price correctly of the ridiculous item Anna describes, you’ll win a gift card to Target! (44:21)