Tuesday April 18th 2023: You Got Ghosted; No Work Talk; Frozen Veggies

Tuesday April 18th 2023: You Got Ghosted; No Work Talk; Frozen Veggies

Would you be able to survive 500 days in a cave?  One woman just did and she actually enjoyed it! (:30)

Everyone knows that sunscreen is important, but according to Dr. Jennifer Wider, the kind of sunscreen you use is especially important, even for your pets! (4:20)

Horror movies aren’t typically appropriate for 2nd graders, so if you show your child one and then get annoyed when he has questions, that’s all I need to know about you! (8:19)

Arguments happen, but how do you respond?  According to one study, your response to conflict corresponds to a specific animal! (11:50)

Have you ever been ghosted before?  Producer Jon once ghosted someone only to have them get the perfect revenge on him months later! (15:50)

Do you use frozen vegetables?  They can be extremely convenient, but not necessarily delicious.  Anna spoke to Chef Plum from the Food Network to get some tips on how to prepare them properly! (23:08)

Raven is on vacation this week, so Anna decided to deliver the daily news in a slightly different way.  She tasked Producer Jon with writing a song about today’s biggest news stories! (26:30)

How often do you talk about work when you’re out at a party?  What if you weren’t allowed to?  Some party-throwers are instituting “no work talk” rules at their get togethers, so Anna invited the former Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli to give her take! (29:32)

Dylan and Lizzy have at 15-year-old son that thinks he’s too old to have a bedtime. It’s 9pm. Lizzy says that teens need ample sleeping time which is why she collects his electronics and has a light out rule. Her husband, Dylan, says that he’s old enough that he can make his own decisions at this point. They can’t keep babying him. Give him his electronics and stop treating him like a child. He’ll sleep when he’s tired. Is 15 too old to have a bedtime? (36:49)

With Raven on vacation, we are playing Craigslist Price Is Right! If you can guess the price correctly of the ridiculous item Anna describes, you’ll win a gift card to Target! (44:48)