Thursday March 23, 2023: Better When It’s Reheated; Driver Retesting; Band-Aid Hacks

Thursday March 23, 2023: Better When It’s Reheated; Driver Retesting; Band-Aid Hacks

What goes in your fridge and what doesn’t?  Anna read an article the other day that revealed just divided people are about what time of food needs to be refrigerated! (:30)

Anna has three crazy news stories but Raven can only pick one!  Today his options are; A prison escape with a toothbrush, coleslaw being used to justify thievery; and beachgoers having an unexpected encounter with nudists! (3:38)

Washing your clothes is part of being a functioning adult, so if you’re using the “smell test” to determine what to wear in the morning, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:22)

When you get an email from your child’s teacher, have you ever wondered if they’re sugar coating your child’s behavior?  Turns out, teachers have some code words for problematic behavior that you should be watching out for! (10:27)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the a legendary athlete finally coming clean! (14:26)

Sometimes, taking a band-aid off of a kid can be even worse than the initial injury!  Luckily, Anna found a new hack to remove band-aids painlessly and she’s gonna test it out on Producer Sean! (17:57)

A beloved Hollywood icon was involved in a car crash and even though they’re ok, it raises an important question.  At what age should people be retested for their license? (21:37)

What food is impossible to reheat?  Anna had a confrontation with a busboy because she refused to bring home her fries. They never taste the same reheated!  Luckily, the Food Network’s Chef Plum has some tips on how to make any reheated food delicious! (29:23)

It’s Best Friends Week on Couple’s Court, all week features best friends that are having disagreements!  Matt’s getting married and Joe is his best friend and best man. Joe wants to plan the bachelor party they’ve always talked about, but Matt’s fiancée wants to have a “Jack and Jill” bachelor/bachelorette party. Matt thinks it’s fine, no big deal, they’ll all go to Nashville together. Joe thinks this is a terrible idea, who wants to go on a bachelor party with their wives and girlfriends?! What do you think?  (37:21)

Jim thinks he’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can he succeed and win the $400 jackpot? (45:43)