Wednesday January 25, 2023: Unconventional Firing; Spot a Fake; Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday January 25, 2023: Unconventional Firing; Spot a Fake; Wellness Wednesday

Have you ever gotten a Facebook request from someone you thought you were already friends with?  It happened to Anna and it had some unintended consequences! (:35)

Is there a simple way to find success in your relationships?  Turns out one simple phrase can lead to a lasting, loving relationship! (4:31)

Saving money is nice, but if you throw your kid a birthday party and expect people to pay for admission, that’s all I need to know about you! (8:24)

If you had 40 million dollars, what would you hire someone to do for you?  After watching a video with Cardi B, Anna couldn’t believe that Cardi doesn’t have someone on staff to do this one simple thing for her! (11:45)

What the strangest way you’ve ever gotten fired?  Some companies have been doing mass layoffs over Zoom, but other major companies are forcing you to figure out your employment status on your own! (15:45)

If you’ve been trying to reduce stress in the workplace, breathing may be the key!  Anna found three different deep breathing techniques that can help relieve your anxiety! (26:07)

Buying online can be difficult, especially with so many scammers out there!  Anna and Raven spoke to professional appraiser Ryan Brecklin to get some tips on how to spot a fake online! (30:07)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the state fair contest that has everyone talking! (33:56)

Phil and Lexi are moving in together after dating for the last year. One of Phil’s prized possessions is an autographed, framed, album cover of Sam Cooke that he hung in their family room. The problem is that it was a gift from an ex, and Lexi thinks it’s awkward in their living space. She wants it down or somewhere like she’ll never have to see it or be part of conversations when they have guests over. Is she overreacting?  (37:23)

Julia has got a shot at $400! Can she beat Raven and claim the prize? (46:25)