Wednesday December 7, 2022: Can’t Do in Public; The Gift You Can’t Ask For; Producer Jon’s Sing-a-Long

Wednesday December 7, 2022: Can’t Do in Public; The Gift You Can’t Ask For; Producer Jon’s Sing-a-Long

Do you remember when the “real ID” driver’s license was the next big thing?  Turns out it never really caught on, and Raven predicted it years ago! (:30)

What if there was a fun activity that could not only improve your confidence, but also your overall mental health?  According to a new article, there is, and it’s something Anna loves to do! (3:21)

A lot of people enjoy chewing gum, but if you start chewing your gum and then save it for later, that’s gross and it’s all I need to know about you! (7:15)

What’s something you should never do in public?  Anna and Raven got a call from someone who saw something socially unacceptable in a coffee shop! (10:30)

It’s the 12 Tasks of Christmas!  Every day, Anna and Raven pick a new holiday task for a member of the show to perform!  Today’s task has Producer Jon spreading holiday cheer throughout the office! (18:00)

Is there a gift you want, but can’t ask for?  Anna has had one dream vacation planned for years, but it would be very inappropriate to actually ask someone for it! (21:03)

The Santa Tipline has returned!  Call 833-431-0905 and leave Santa a voicemail about who has been naughty and who has been nice.  Anna and Raven will play the funniest messages on the air! (28:31)

Catalina and Erik’s 19-year-old son is facing a court date because he was caught vandalizing a public space. Their son is a graffiti artist. Catalina admits that what he did was wrong but thinks this is how he expresses himself as an artist. Erik is furious and wants to buy him a new suit for the court date to look presentable in court, but his son is resisting. Catalina says to let him wear whatever he wants, no one wears suits anymore, especially a 19-year-old. Would you force your child to dress up? (31:51)

Couple’s Court has a special guest this week!  Judge Marilyn Milian from the People’s Court joins Anna and Raven to give her professional input on the situation! (40:55)

Cassandra thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $700 jackpot? (44:46)