Tuesday November 1, 2022: Halloween Recap; Middle School Dance; The Power of Mars

Tuesday November 1, 2022: Halloween Recap; Middle School Dance; The Power of Mars

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are officially divorced, and Raven thinks it could mean big things for Tampa Bay! (1:00)

Have you ever just given up on something?  The CFO of Ford announced that the company was moving in a new direction when it came to cutting edge car technology, and Anna could believe that they would just give up on it! (4:23)

Even if you’re willing to clean it up, if you’re letting your dog do their business on something this expensive, that’s all I need to know about you! (8:05)

What does the Universe have in store for you this month? Anna and Raven spoke to Astrologer Anne about why Mars may be a major factor in your decision making this November! (11:19)

Anna Zap is not just a radio host, she’s also a scientist.  Today, her scientific pursuits demanded she dress up like Elmo! (15:08)

How was your Halloween?  Halloween night is usually eventful, but Anna didn’t realize how unprepared she was until it was far too late! (19:08)

What went down at your middle school dance?  Anna’s older daughter went to her first dance over the weekend, but Anna didn’t realize just how much dances have changed over the years! (29:57)

Marie recently inherited about $100,000 and she wants to take this opportunity to quit her corporate job and start her craft business. She wants to sell her birdhouses on Etsy, work the festival circuit, have stands at craft fairs, etc. Her husband Luke says that he knows she hates her job, but she can’t just quit and do this. She’ll never make the same amount of money and she’ll blow through this extra cash that should be used to pay down their mortgage. (40;27)

Tim and Tyler are teaming up to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can this father/son team succeed and win $2500? (48:25)