Wednesday July 20, 2022:  Commando Club; Fancy Restaurants; Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday July 20, 2022:  Commando Club; Fancy Restaurants; Wellness Wednesday

Marketing firms can be aggressive, but Raven bought a razor recently that sends him ads that are positively lewd!  (:15)

How do you keep cool during the summer time?  Anna read a gross (but possibly effective) new strategy that doesn’t even require you to buy anything!  (3:07)

Movie theaters are more comfortable than ever these days, but if you start getting TOO comfortable at the movies, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:17)

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep?  Almost 40% of Americans report trouble sleeping, but Anna found a method of going to bed that is guaranteed to work!  (10:17)

What are the tell-tale signs that you are eating somewhere fancy?  Anna went to a restaurant recently and as soon as she saw what her waiter did with the napkin, she knew it was going to be an expensive meal!  (14:16)

Need some help feeling motivated today?  Anna’s 8-year-old nephew has got some words of wisdom to get you up and moving!  (25:13)

Is there something that you have to hide from your in-laws?  Anna’s best friend Danielle has a part of her body that she’s kept hidden from her in-laws for 20 years!  (27:39)

James and Tammy are attending a destination wedding in Bermuda. They are financially responsible for all their own travel arrangements. James just found out that the actual wedding will have a cash bar and he is furious. (It’s his cousins wedding) He thinks it’s so cheap that he doesn’t want to give a gift, at all. Tammy says you can’t attend a wedding and not bring a gift! What would you do?  (34:47)

Melissa has a shot at $600.  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (42:25)