Wednesday May 4, 2022: No More Prama; College World Record; Your Most Expensive Outfit

Wednesday May 4, 2022: No More Prama; College World Record; Your Most Expensive Outfit

Have you ever had a neighbor leave you a nasty note before?  Parking at a condo complex can be competitive, so Raven came up with a creative way to fit an extra car into his spot…  (:30)

This time of year, everybody is looking to lose a little weight!  Anna and Raven spoke to Fitness Expert Amy Llinas to get some tips on how to drop the extra pounds without starving yourself!  (3:18)

It’s natural to be a little embarrassed about dropping out of school, but if you wait 3 years to tell someone who is financially supporting you, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:57)

What world record could you have broken in college?  Anna is pretty sure that during her college years, she could’ve held the world record for world’s greatest beer pong player!  (10:48)

Did you have any drama at your prom?  Prom season has arrived and Anna and Raven want to hear your “Prama” stories!  (14:08)

Is there a “right” way to break up with someone?  According to Dating Expert Cher Gopman, there may not be a right way, but there is definitely a wrong way!  (25:03)

What’s the most expensive outfit in your closet?  After watching the Met Gala coverage, Anna was inspired to bust out her most expensive outfit and she wants the rest of the show to do the same!  (28:34)

Dave Chappelle was attacked yesterday while performing at the Hollywood Bowl!  He’s fine thankfully and you won’t believe who came to his rescue!  (32:30)

Because Colin is so indecisive when making dinner plans for their weekends, Jackie would make multiple reservations at different restaurants, then not show to a couple of them depending on where they decided to go. She has stopped doing that, but now she just lies to the hostess and insists that they called for a reservation. Colin says it’s embarrassing, Jackie thinks it’s no big deal. Whose side are you on?  (35:56)

Marlene thinks she has what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia! Can she succeed and win the $6600 jackpot?  (44:45)