Thursday April 21, 2022:  Body Positivity; Annoying Co-Workers; Babysitter Nightmare

Thursday April 21, 2022:  Body Positivity; Annoying Co-Workers; Babysitter Nightmare

Celebrities have some weird requests, especially when they’re performing, but Anna tracked down some of the weirdest backstage requests of all time and some of them are ridiculous!  (0:00)

The Kardashians have caught a lot of heat over the years for constantly photo-shopping their social media posts but Anna and Raven think that they have finally gone too far!  (2:32)

Do you have an annoying co-worker?  What makes them annoying?  Anna was recently informed that she has been doing something every day that bothers everyone in the office!  (6:14)

What’s your nightmare baby-sitter story?  Anna had to go through a couple baby-sitters before she found her current (perfect) one, but none of them were as bad as the babysitter who put a kid in a dryer!  (16:40)

Anna’s got 3 crazy news stories and Raven gets to pick one to talk about!  Today his options are; an easter egg delivery scam, wedding guests unknowingly given marijuana laced food, and a USFL player who got fired for eating pizza!  (26:58)

What does your best life look like?  Anna has been reading about how to manifest your best life and she decided to have everyone on the show practice body-positivity by sharing what they like about their body.  Raven’s was certainly unexpected…  (30:13)

Lenny and Nicole went to a wedding where Lenny’s drunk cousin spilled a glass of wine all over Nicole. Lenny is furious because this is “typical” of his cousin. Nicole’s dress had a $35 dry cleaning bill and Lenny wants to ask his cousin for the money. Nicole thinks his obsession with his cousin is alarming and wants him to let it go. What would you do?  (34:05)

Geralyn think’s she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $5700 jackpot?  (41:33)