Thursday April 7, 2022:  Unnecessary Lies; What Do You Complain About; Producer Jon’s Profile Pic

Thursday April 7, 2022:  Unnecessary Lies; What Do You Complain About; Producer Jon’s Profile Pic

The Will Smith Slap drama is getting played out, but after realizing one small detail, Anna is furious that nobody in the audience took advantage of the situation!  (:30)

Have you heard of the new eyedrops that can actually improve your vision?  Anna is slightly skeptical of this new product, but that’s not stopping her from getting someone on the show to try it!  (2:42)

Drive-thru lines are supposed to be quick, but sometimes delays happen, so if you’re the kind of person who honks in the drive-thru line, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:30)

What’s the strangest lie you’ve ever told?  A major 90’s celebrity just got outed for a lie he’s been telling in interviews for decades!  (10:28)

“Stir” is a new dating app aimed at single parents.  Anna and Raven are both married, but Producer Jon is a single dad so Anna decided to set up his profile for him!  (18:05)

What do you always complain about?  Anna’s daughter called her out about something she complains about constantly and Anna thought it was really unfair!  (22:05)

Anna and Raven are making a movie!  No, seriously!  After pitching an idea for a Christmas movie back in December, a production company has decided to make the film!  (29:21)

Anna has three crazy news stories and Raven is going to pick one to talk about!  Today his options are; a woman who wrote down her crime before committing it, a man arrested for pursuing his hobby; and a rapper’s corpse propped up at a nightclub!  (33:18)

Andrew and Stephanie had their wedding six months ago and one of Andrew’s co-workers that was invited did not bring a gift. Stephanie wants Andrew to ask him about it because she’s afraid it was lost. Andrew says that’s rude, what if he just didn’t give a gift? He doesn’t want an awkward conversation. What would you do?  (36:43)

The Can’t Beat Raven jackpot is a record breaking $4700!  Does Jackson have what it takes to finally beat Raven in pop culture trivia and win the biggest jackpot ever?  (44:30)