Tuesday April 5, 2022:  Your Last Requests; Mom Fails; Meet The Parents

Tuesday April 5, 2022:  Your Last Requests; Mom Fails; Meet The Parents

Anna got a DM from someone who saw her in a Target recently.  While she loves meeting listeners in public, in this particular case she was scared that this person might’ve seen her acting a little crazy!  (:30)

What 3 things do you want to happen at your funeral?  A viral video is going around social media of a grandmother who has some very specific requests!  (3:15)

What was your biggest parenting fail? Anna had a close call with her toddler the other day that was 100% her fault!  (11:15)

What do you consider a “big family”?  Studies say that there is an exact number of children that makes a family “large”!  (18:15)

How did it go when you first met your spouse’s family?  Kim Kardashian recently met Pete Davidson’s family, but it couldn’t possibly have been as weird as when Anna met her husband’s mom!  (21:40)

Should restaurants include gratuity on the check?  Raven’s wife went out the other night and ate a restaurant with a large party.  After a meal that had some minor service issues, she was shocked to realize how large the automatic gratuity was!  (29:20)

Jen and Nick’s daughter is a junior in high school and has amassed a large Tik Tok following. She has lost all interest in college and thinks she can make a career out of social media. Jen is panicking because she won’t visit colleges, doesn’t want to start applying, and tells everyone she has different plans. Nick says to let her make her own decisions; college isn’t everyone’s path. What would you do?  (36:29)

Raven’s on a roll and the Can’t Beat Raven jackpot is up to a record $4500!  Does Shannon have what it takes to finally beat him and win all that money?  (45:20)