Wednesday March 9, 2022:  In Your Face; Judge Your Parenting; Nomophobia

Wednesday March 9, 2022:  In Your Face; Judge Your Parenting; Nomophobia

Do you still hold hands with your significant other?  At this point in her relationship, Anna has come to the realization that it’s physically impossible to comfortably hold hands with her husband!  (:30)

Gas prices are at historic highs and will likely keep growing!  Anna and Raven spoke to Patrick De Haan from to get some tips on how you can save some money.  (2:30)

Have you ever hurt your face?  Raven had to have a very painful procedure done yesterday and now he’s walking around with a black eye!  (6:29)

Has anyone ever complained about your child right to your face?  Anna was at a restaurant when a complete stranger said something very rude about her baby!  (17:45)

Have you ever heard of Nomophobia?  It’s one of the most common fears in the world and Anna is gonna subject one of the members of the show to it for 24 hours!  (28:02)

Everyone needs words of encouragement every once in a while.  Most people turn to friends or family, but now you can get words of encouragement from  kindergarteners too!  (32:02)

Steven’s 14-year-old stepdaughter has been hanging pictures around their house of her biological father. She’s never been happy that her mother remarried so quickly after her parent’s divorce. Steven says that it’s disrespectful to him and would like his wife, Sandra, to tell her daughter to cut it out. Sandra says that it’s a lot of changes for her teenager and to give her space and time to heal. What would you do?  (35:18)

Jennifer thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $2600 jackpot?  (44:38)