Wednesday January 26, 2022: Get Your Kids To Eat; Break Up Songs; Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday January 26, 2022:  Get Your Kids To Eat; Break Up Songs; Wellness Wednesday

It’s gone too far.  There isn’t a single company anymore that doesn’t ask people to do this and Anna thinks that it’s gotten stalkerish…  (:30)

If you could do something simple to improve your child’s mental and physical health, you would do it right?  Well, it turns out that Anna has been telling her husband to not do this one simple thing for years!  (3:16)

Do you have a trick to get your kids to try new food?  Anna’s younger daughter has a diet that consists of 3 foods and she’s desperate for some help!  (7:12)

What would you do for $1100?  It’s a pretty nice chunk of change, but would you be able to listen to one specific type of song for 24 hours to earn it?  (17:55)

It was so fun yesterday, Anna and Raven decided to do it again! Callers tell Anna and Raven how they got in trouble at work, and then they guess if the caller got fired or not!  (21:55)

Are all these game show contestants just super smart, or is there a trick they use?  Anna and Raven spoke to former Jeopardy winner Jeffery Williams and it turns out there’s definitely a trick to it!  (28:50)

Anna has decided to get more involved in her community so she’s running for the board of her daughter’s nursery school!  Now she just need’s Raven’s help to make a campaign ad!  (32:50)

Amanda and Joe have been dating for a year and Amanda doesn’t like that Joe “likes” his ex-wife’s photos on Instagram. Amanda says that he isn’t “liking” photos she posts of just the kids, it’s pictures of just her too. She finds it disrespectful. Joe says that there’s nothing wrong with supporting his ex-wife by liking her posts! Would it bother you?  (35:33)

Jen has got a shot at winning $1400!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (43:38)