Wednesday January 5, 2022: Bad Rep Jobs; Wellness Wednesday; Is Anna Zap Out of Line?

Wednesday January 5, 2022:  Bad Rep Jobs; Wellness Wednesday; Is Anna Zap Out of Line?

If you could pick your last words, what would they be?  Everyone has been heartbroken over the passing of Betty White, but Anna felt even more distraught after hearing what her last words were! (:30)

Betty White passed away last week, just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday.  Most people would be happy to live such a long life, but Anna couldn’t help but wonder if she actually wanted to live that long… (3:34)

If you’re gonna talk smack to an athletic celebrity, you better be able to back it up!  And if you think you can just get away with it without any consequences, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:50)

There are some jobs that just have a bad reputation.  Whether it’s fair or not, a lot of people will judge someone based on what they do for a living.  But Anna had an experience with someone over the winter holiday that made her change her opinion about that career!  (10:33)

Why do women refer to their bodies by fruit shapes?  Pear shape, apple shape, it all seems pretty weird!  But Anna heard about a new shape recently, and it’s not based on a fruit…  (22:01)

A snowstorm in Virginia stopped traffic for 24 HOURS!  What would you do if you were stuck in that kind of situation?  Do you have the necessary survival equipment in your car?  Anna and Raven investigate what you would need!  (25:53)

Anna is a spoiler.  Every time she and Raven are watching the same show, she always has to spoil it for him!  The trick is, sometimes she’s telling the truth and other times it’s an outrageous lie that didn’t actually happen on the show.  She thinks it’s funny, but is she out of line?  (29:52)

Michaela and Andrew just celebrated their first Christmas as husband and wife. Michaela’s parents gifted Andrew a saw and a pair of sweatpants that don’t fit. He doesn’t need the saw and would like to exchange the pants. He asked Michaela to request a gift receipt from her parents or at least ask where they bought the items so he can return them. Michaela thinks it’s rude to ask for a gift receipt, a gift is a gift! Whose side are you on?  (37:11)

Colleen has a shot at $3100!  All she has to do is beat Raven at pop culture trivia! (44:40)