November 23, 2021: The Kid’s Table; Chef Plum’s Thanksgiving Tips; A New Thanksgiving Song

November 23, 2021: The Kid’s Table; Chef Plum’s Thanksgiving Tips; A New Thanksgiving Song

It’s a depressing thought, but if your significant other passed away, how long would you wait to move on?  Would you?  Anna has encouraged her husband to move on if something were to happen to her, but she’s not sure she’d want to if it was the other way around!  (:15)

Traveling during Thanksgiving is always difficult, but is there a time a “best” time to leave?  Not really, but there is definitely a “worst” time!  (3:37)

Parking can be tough when the whole family gets together at the same house, but if you resort to doing THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:49)

When did you move from the kid’s table to the adult table for Thanksgiving?  Have you?  Due to an odd set of circumstances, Anna is STILL sitting at the kids table for Thanksgiving, despite being a married mother of two!  (10:41)

Is it possible to do Thanksgiving on a budget?  Chef Plum from the Food Network talks to Anna and Raven about how to cook a delicious meal without breaking the bank!  (17:52)

Shopping gets crazy at this time of year, especially at the big box stores like CostCo!  Luckily, Anna and Raven are holiday shopping experts and they’ve got some tips to help you survive!  (21:51)

We know that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, but what does the younger generation think?  Anna and Raven ask kids to explain why we celebrate Thanksgiving!  (25:32)

All stuffing is pretty much the same right?  Wrong!  Chef Plum from the Food Network has some great ideas to spice up this classic Thanksgiving side!  (28:06)

Why are there no Thanksgiving songs?  Adam Sandler has written the only one that Anna knows about, so she tasked Producer Jon with writing a new one.  But she’s not exactly thrilled with the results…  (32:07)

Nathan and Stephanie are hosting a big Thanksgiving gathering at their home this year and Stephanie has high hopes of having an electronic free day. There are so many teenagers (between their kids, nieces, nephews, etc.) that she wants to ban phones and TV from the dinner table. Nathan says it’s asking for problems, their guests and it’s supposed to be a fun day. Why put restrictions on them? Let them just enjoy it… plus, he wants to watch football while they eat. Whose side are you on?  (35:47)

Gary thinks he’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can he succeed and win the $1200 jackpot?  (42:51)