Tuesday October 12, 2021: Clothes Your Partner Hates; Stressful Symptoms; Same Old Story

Tuesday October 12, 2021:  Clothes Your Partner Hates; Stressful Symptoms; Same Old Story

Do you like pumpkin spice?  Anna has typically not been a big fan of pumpkin spice, but she’s started to enjoy it again, but it’s not necessarily because of the taste… (:30)

What’s the craziest physical symptom you’ve ever had from stress?  Raven get’s dry skin when he’s stressed out, but that’s nothing compared to the horrifying physical symptoms the director of Squid Games suffered while filming season 1!  (2:43)

Being inclusive is one thing, but if you’re sticking up for the rights of hypothetical beings, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:02)

Is candy corn gross or delicious?  Carly Schildhaus from the National Confectioner’s Association breaks down the history and legacy of Halloween’s most controversial treat!  (12:59)

Do you have a piece of clothing that your significant other hates?  Raven had a surprise day off over the weekend, so he put on his favorite pair of sweatpants.  But he didn’t realize it would spark a family wide debate!  (16:55)

Who doesn’t love seltzer?  It’s as crisp and refreshing as soda, with 0 calories!  But some studies suggest it may be wrecking havoc on one particular part of your body! (27:45)

Is there anything more annoying than someone repeating a story they’ve told you before?  What do you do in that scenario, should you tell them?  Anna did some research and came up with some ways to get yourself out of that awkward situation!  (31:21)

Luke likes to take a long shower, usually over 20 minutes, but the problem is that his teenage son like to do the same thing and it takes them forever to get ready in the morning.  Luke’s wife Melanie has proposed setting a timer for 8 minutes to get them to hurry up, but Luke thinks that’s crazy!  Whose side are you on?  (35:07)

Donna has got a shot at winning $800!  All she has to do is beat Raven at pop culture trivia!  (43:54)