Wednesday August 10, 2021: Worst Place to Propose; O Canada; Service Gone Wrong

Wednesday August 10, 2021:  Worst Place to Propose; O Canada; Service Gone Wrong

This is the story that every radio host will be talking about today.  A list came out of the top 3 jobs most likely to be held by a psychopath, and guess which job made the list… (:30)

2022 is projected to be the busiest year in decades for weddings!  Wrong answers only; what’s the best place to ask someone to marry you?  (2:12)

It’s aboot to go down!  The Canadian border is re-opening, so Anna and Raven called 1-800-O CANADA to get the full scoop on what all the rules and regulations are.  Spoiler Alert: They’re SUPER nice.  (8:35)

Have you ever shrunk a shirt in the wash so badly that it didn’t fit anymore?  Turns out there’s a way to fix it, and Anna put it to the test!  (12:15)

If you’re going through a difficult time, it’s understandable to ask people to pray for you.  But if you request prayers on social media, and not even say what it’s about, that’s all I need to know about you!  (16:05)

If you’re single, have you been experiencing FODA?  Many singles have been experiencing the Fear Of Dating Again because of pandemic concerns, but relationship expert Dr. Patrick Wanis has got 5 tips to get you back in the game!  (19:47)

Many American companies have now set their minimum wage at over $15 an hour, and it’s got Anna and Raven thinking about the old days!  Raven’s first job paid him just over 4 dollars, and you won’t believe how old Anna was when she was earning $3 an hour under the table!  (23:46)

Yesterday, Anna and Raven talked about the most obnoxious things customers have ever said to servers.  But, to be fair, there’s also been plenty of times that service has been legendarily bad!  (27:45)

Jerry loves shopping online, he buys literally everything on the internet!  But Steph thinks it’s gotten a bit out of hand, they have delivery guys coming to their house at all hours of the day!  Whose side are you on?  (34:42)

Raven’s on a roll and the jackpot is up to $1700!  Does Ashton have what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (41:49)