Friday May 14, 2021: What Guys Think Is Hot; Ask A Vet; Mommy’s Margarita Friday

Friday May 14, 2021:  What Guys Think Is Hot; Ask A Vet; Mommy’s Margarita Friday

If you see a spider in your house, what do you do?  Do you kill it immediately, or call for your significant other to kill it?  Or are you more merciful and try to remove it peacefully?  Raven couldn’t believe the lengths that Anna goes to get a spider out of her house!  (:30)

Do you have any tattoos?  During the pandemic, tattoo popularity exploded! Anna and Raven invited Ink Master season 10 winner Josh Payne onto the show to explain why tattoos have suddenly become so common, and he had some surprising insights on what to look out for when choosing a tattoo!  (3:57)

What do guys think is attractive, but really isn’t?  Anna saw a guy with a tucked-in T shirt, revving the engine of his muscle car and wondered “does this guy really think he’s hot right now”?  Not every has the same standards of attractiveness though.  One person called in with something she thinks is dumb, that Anna thinks is super hot! (7:54)

It’s one thing to want to try out every feature that your new car offers, but if you keep getting arrested for doing THIS with your Tesla, that’s all I need to know about you!  (15:19)

The CDC has declared that vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks indoors!  Hurray! All our troubles are over right?  Well, kind of.  Anna and Raven go into the specifics of the CDC’s latest announcement.  (18:29)

It’s been a tough week for Anna and Raven’s pets!  Anna puppy Lila has been having accidents all over the house, and Raven’s little guy Baxter is recovering from major surgery.  So they decided to invite veterinarian Dr. David Birse on the show to answer their questions and some questions from their listeners!  (21:37)

What did you do this week to earn your Margarita? Every Friday, Anna gets together with her two friends for happy hour, and talks about all the ways her kids drove her crazy this week! This week, Anna’s been trying desperately to figure out her 12 year old’s math homework, but it’s just too hard!  And one Mama called in with a story about every mom’s hair nightmare!  (29:33)

Couples Court: Chad believes he can build his own new deck off the back of their home. His wife, Rita, says it’s different from the small household projects he’s done in the past. It’s too complicated and will take up too much time. Plus, if it’s a mess it could cost more to fix it! She just wants to hire a company and get it done professionally. Would you allow your husband to build your deck if it wasn’t his profession? (36:17)

Anna loves giving away money on a Friday, and today Tim has a shot at winning $900!  All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (43:57)