Thursday May 13, 2021: Go Back To Your Ex; Is This A Cult?; My Kid Is A Biter

Thursday May 13, 2021:  Go Back To Your Ex; Is This A Cult?; My Kid Is A Biter

Do you and your significant other have assigned chores?  Anna and her husband have split the household chores into outdoor and indoor, with Anna handling the inside of the house and her husband handling the outside.  But something has been going on that has Anna wondering if they need to hire someone… (:30)

Are you up to date on this week’s news? If not, Anna and Raven can help!  Anna picks three crazy news stories, and Raven picks one to talk about. This week the options are; Someone who woke up after surgery with an Irish accent, a woman who held a fake funeral for her boyfriend, and a pet tiger who was wandering around Houston  (3:25)

Sometimes you just zone out and stare off into space, it happens.  But if you’re one of those people that has a serious staring problem, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:57)

Have you ever broken up with someone, and then gotten back together with them later?  Did it end up being a good thing or a bad thing?  Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back after breaking up almost 20 years ago!  Hopefully their reunion goes better than Producer Jon’s though!  He got back together with his ex and it left him stranded in a different state!  (10:40)

Have you ever started a new job, or joined a new gym and thought to yourself, “this feels like a cult”?  Anna is obsessed with Peloton and she doesn’t even have the equipment yet.  She just wants to be part of the community!  One caller makes a compelling argument that this beloved staple of our childhood is totally a cult!  (17:25)

Is your kid a biter?  Anna’s 2 year old bit her the other day, and Anna started crying not just from the pain, but from the realization that her kid bites people!  One caller had a very unconventional method to get her to stop, but Anna isn’t sure she’s willing to go that far!  (28:05)

Couples Court: Mark and Dorothy for over a decade have hosted a massive Memorial Day party at their home with over 100 people. Last year it was canceled, and this year Dorothy wants to permanently reduce the invite list to about 20 people. She says it’s a lot of work and expensive! He thinks it’s tradition to have their huge blow out and the entire neighborhood comes. They can’t stop now! Whose side are you on?  (37:45)

Raven is on a roll and the jackpot is up to $800!  Does JJ have what it takes to end his winning streak and win the prize? (44:39)