Thursday May 6, 2021: Raven Picks ‘Em; Where Did You Give Birth; Is Anna Zap Out of Line

Thursday May 6, 2021:  Raven Picks ‘Em; Where Did You Give Birth; Is Anna Zap Out of Line

Engagement rings have existed for centuries for women, but what about engagement rings for men?  Would you wear one, or expect your significant other to?  What if it could also prevent infidelity?  Anna has a theory on how men’s engagement rings could be used to keep men from cheating! (:30)

It’s time to learn waaay too much about Cicadas!  All over the country, Cicada’s are emerging from the ground and they’ve got just one thing on their mind.  Anna is uncomfortable talking about it, so she got some help from Sir David Attenborough!  (3:36)

Offering friendly advice is a nice thing to do, but if you’re in a completely different line of work and you’re telling someone how to do their job, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:27)

Are you up to date on this week’s news? If not, Anna and Raven can help!  Anna picks three crazy news stories, and Raven picks one to talk about. This week the options are; A man who has fathered 78 children, A woman harassed over her emotional support pig, and a Duck that hatched from a store-bought egg!  (10:46)

What advice would you have for someone who just turned 30?  In honor of Star Wars day earlier this week, Anna and Raven turned to one of the wisest character’s in cinema history for advice to those entering their third decade!  (13:45)

Where did you go into labor?  A woman gave birth recently on a plane to Hawaii.  Luckily everything was fine, because of three NICU nurses and a doctor who were also on the flight!  But one caller wasn’t so lucky when she started going into labor in front of her classroom!  (17:40)

Still trying to figure out a Mother’s Day gift for the mom in your life?  How about a custom made, original song?  The best part is, you don’t even have to write it yourself!  Go to Mother’s Day Melody at and tell Anna and Raven what makes your mom special.  Producer Jon will then write a brand new original song all about your mom.  Today, Frances and her mom Becky are on the show to hear the premiere of Becky’s custom-made Mother’s Day Melody!  (28:41)

Is Anna Zap out of line?  Anna’s daughter Hayden had a big win at her soccer game over the weekend.  10 to 1!  But Hayden had a difficult question after the game, and Anna isn’t sure if she said the right thing…(32:40)

Couples Court: Luke and Julia’s teenage daughter’s grades have been slipping in school, and dad proposed that they threaten to stop bringing her to track practice and track meets for school if she doesn’t start taking her academics more seriously. Mom thinks he is going way too far! She loves track and does very well in it. It might be the determining factor as to what college she will go to after High School. Dad says if she loves it so much, then she will start to bring her grades back up so she can continue doing what she loves. Whose side are you on?  (40:09)

Raven is picking up steam and after two victories in a row the jackpot is up to $300!  Does Tom have what it takes to beat him at pop culture trivia and prevent another winning streak?  (46:47)