Thursday April 22, 2021: Raven Picks ’Em; Oscar Snubs; Dress For The Job You Want

Thursday April 22, 2021:  Raven Picks ’Em; Oscar Snubs; Dress For The Job You Want

Online scammers have been preying on the elderly since the invention of the internet, but after hearing how much money one 90 year old woman gave to scammers, Anna was left wondering where this woman’s grandchildren are!  (:30)

They say that dressing up for work increases your productivity.  Unfortunately for the last year, most of us have been rocking sweatpants on a daily basis!  To test out the theory, Anna and Raven had Producer Sean and Producer Jon wear suits to work today.  Sean is absolutely thrilled about it and looks great!  Jon…..not so much.  (3:14)

Sharing your candy is a nice thing to do, but if someone is sharing with you and you ask for the best flavor, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:10)

Are you up to date on this week’s news? If not, Anna and Raven can help!  Anna picks three crazy news stories, and Raven picks one to talk about. This week the options are; Demi Lovato’s questionable criticism of frozen yogurt, a teacher getting charged a small fortune for being a nice guy, and a death metal singer doing something nice for the kids!  (10:45)

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!  At 95 years old the Queen has seen countless historic events in her life and she even pre-dates some surprising everyday items that we take for granted.  Who do you think is older, the Queen or Velveeta?  How about Warner Bro’s Studios?  Sliced Bread?  Some of the answers might surprise you…  (13:11)

Have you seen any of this years “Best Picture” nominees?  It feels like no one ever has right?  Anna and Raven go over a list of the most snubbed movies of all time!  Remember when Steven Spielberg’s heart-wrenching war epic “Saving Private Ryan” lost to this completely forgettable romantic comedy?  (16:59)

Have you ever seen a ridiculous story trending on social media and thought to yourself…why?  Anna and Raven are here to help!  They take a look at some of the craziest stories trending on Twitter and give you the backstory!  (20:59)

Happy Earth Day!  If you’re wondering how you can help the Earth today, Anna and Raven invited a special guest on the show to give you some tips.  Brad Kerner is “The Eco Dude” from and he has some unconventional methods to reduce your carbon footprint!  (24:39)

Most “Best Picture” nominee’s are artsy, serious movies that no one has actually seen.  Anna and Raven certainly haven’t and they don’t know what most of them are about!  So they asked bunch of little kids to describe the movies for them.  The kids don’t know what the movies are about either, but that just makes their answers better!  (28:39)

After a full day of work, the social experiment has come to an end!  Did dressing up help Producers’ Sean and Jon be more productive.  Well, Anna says yes for one of them, but she’s got some notes for the other… (36:31)

Couples Court: Miley is planning her own baby shower and she doesn’t want to invite her sister because she doesn’t approve of the fact that she had an affair and destroyed her marriage. Miley thinks she’s a terrible mother for doing this to her niece and nephew. Her husband, Kevin, thinks she’ll regret not inviting her sister and it will destroy their relationship. Just because Miley doesn’t approve of her sister’s decisions, it doesn’t mean she should be cut out of the family. Whose side are you on?  (39:12)

Is Jose the man who can finally end Raven’s epic winning streak and win the $3300 jackpot?  Or will the jackpot continue to rise to record breaking numbers?  (46:44)