Thursday April 15, 2021: Demon Dog; The Royal Mask; Inappropriate Questions

Thursday April 15, 2021:  Demon Dog; The Royal Mask; Inappropriate Questions

Anna’s feeling nervous.  She keeps asking Raven every 5 minutes if she looks ok.  What’s got her all worked up?  The same thing that has millions of people feeling stressed all over the country…  (00:30)

Prince Phillip has passed away, and Britain is getting ready for the first royal funeral since Princess Diana.  Due to covid restrictions though, the official funeral will be small, only about 30 people.  Anna was wondering how the Queen picks out her mask?  Is it a royal mask with the Union Jack on it, or maybe just a regular blue surgical mask?  That’s when she suddenly had a brilliant idea…  (2:50)

Are you up to date on this week’s news?  Well Anna has three crazy news stories you might not have heard yet, and Raven is gonna pick one to talk about!  His options are; How your dog can get paid to get drunk, Harvey Weinstein talking to his lawyers about air fryers, or a feel good story about a dog possessed by demons!  (9:37)

Red lights are a big inconvenience, especially when you’re running late, but if you do this every time you’re stopped at a red light that’s all I need to know about you!  (13:05)

Rental car prices are crazy right now, and it’s almost impossible to find a car, but it might not be for the reason you think!  Jonathan Weinberg is from, and he spoke to Anna and Raven about the surprising reason it’s so difficult and expensive to find a rental car right now.  (16:47)

What inappropriate question has someone asked you at work?  Anna and Raven got an email saying that asking about someone’s vaccine is an invasion of privacy and not appropriate for the workplace.  So, naturally, they sent Producer Jon around the office to ask other inappropriate questions!  (20:15)

What weird thing do you write off on your taxes?  Tax season is Raven’s favorite time of year, he takes deductions on everything!  But one person called in who has him beat.  You won’t believe how this person justifies writing off food!  (25:57)

Couples Court: Dominque and Mark bought a new house and Dominque wants to borrow from their 401K to buy new furniture and to fix some things. Because of Covid, you don’t have to pay a tax penalty, so she thinks it’s the perfect time. He says that money is just for retirement, and they shouldn’t touch it. What if there’s an emergency in the future and they need it? Whose side are you on?  (33:18)

The Can’t Beat Raven jackpot is one of the highest every at $2800!  Does Regina have what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (40:00)