Tuesday April 6, 2021: Walk of Shame; Bananas; Gross Thing Your Kid Eats

Tuesday April 6, 2021:  Walk of Shame; Bananas; Gross Thing Your Kid Eats

How often do you check your bank account?  Is it every day?  A new study says that 36% of Americans check their account balance every day, and Anna thinks that’s a bit excessive!  But then again, she never checks her account balance, she has a special method of knowing when she’s spent too much….(00:32)

Having a bad day?  Don’t worry, Anna and Raven are here to remind you that someone on Twitter is having a worse day than you!  Anna read one tweet about a person who said “Hi” to everybody in her neighborhood, before realizing she had forgotten one crucial thing!  (3:06)

Animal encounters can sometimes be scary, but if you do THIS to an apex predator, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:53)

Not every “Walk of Shame” involves alcohol and bad decisions.  Anna held up the line at a grocery store, waiting for her coupon to work, and she could feel the frustration from everybody behind her!  Walking past them afterwards was definitely a Walk of Shame.  One caller had a chance to audition for American Idol, but her audition ended in an epic walk of shame!  (10:50)

Everybody loves bananas, but they rot so quickly!  So Anna and Raven did some research, and found some unorthodox ways to help your bananas last longer!  Seriously, it sounds weird, but these really work.  (17:27)

March Gladness continues, and it’s time for the Final Four!  Today’s matchup is between two Journeymen of Joy; Losing Weight Without Trying vs. Hitting All Green Lights When You’re Driving!  Find out who wins in the podcast and vote online or call in to vote for tomorrow’s match-up! (21:01)

What gross thing does your kid eat?  Anna’s toddler has been surviving off a steady diet of hot dogs, chocolate chip muffins, and literally nothing else! But one caller’s kid eats a combination of food that Anna and Raven had never even heard of before!  (25:43)

Jeremy and Jennifer are divorced, and she has an accepted offer to buy a house on his street.  It’s about six houses down from his.  He’s not happy, why would she want to live so close to him?! She thinks he should be appreciative; it’ll be so great for their three kids! She has agreed to see what the audience has to say to prove he’s being a jerk.  She’s not looking to spy on him, just make it easier for the kids, plus, she loves the house! Whose side are you on?  (36:01)

Kirsten thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she take him down and claim the $2100 jackpot?  (43:15)