Thursday April 01st 2021: Raven Picks ‘Em; Lied About Your Job; Gas Pump Protocol

Thursday April 01st 2021:  Raven Picks ‘Em; Lied About Your Job; Gas Pump Protocol

Anna did something, and she’s not sure how to feel about it.  On the one hand, it’s always good to do something nice for people who listen to her show, but on the other hand….who asks for something like this!?

Are you up to date on this week’s news?  If not, Anna and Raven will help get you caught up!  Anna picks three news stories, and Raven picks one to talk about.  This week his options are; counterfeit covid vaccination cards, 42K found in an old sweater, and a mom who tried to box an elementary school student.  Find out what he picks in the podcast!  (3:18)

When you’re running late, it feels like everything is slowing you down, but if you’re stuck behind someone driving like THIS, that’s all I need to know about you.  (6:27)

Do you like April Fool’s Day?  A recent poll revealed that a majority of people are actually annoyed by April Fools Day, and would rather get rid of it!  Anna is here for it, she’d be happy to get rid of April Fools Day, and when you hear the story of what happened at her parent’s restaurant you might agree with her!  (9:35)

Have you ever lied about your job?  One of Anna’s friend’s went on 4 dates with a guy before finding out he lied about his job!  But it’s not always a malicious thing.  Raven and his wife once played a hilarious prank at a company holiday party!  Spoiler alert, it wasn’t a company that either of them worked for…(13:08)

March Gladness continues, and we’re moving on to the Elite 8!  Today’s matchup is between two Guardians of Glee; Extra Fries In The Bag vs. Hitting All Green Lights!  Find out who wins in the podcast and vote online or call in to vote for tomorrow’s match-up!  (19:53)

What do you do while you’re pumping gas?  Do you diligently stand next to the pump the whole time, or do you go back in your car and play with your phone?  Anna is totally the type of person to get back in the car while the pump is going and she’s been getting a lot of criticism for it!  What do you think, is Anna Zap out of line?  (24:58)

Couples Court: Sam and Alicia have new neighbors that have moved in next door. Every week she sees that they do not use their recycling bin. She has seen them throw away plenty of wine bottles and other containers in the regular garbage. She wants to go over and have a conversation with the neighbor about it, her husband says she’s taking it too far. She should mind her business. Whose side are you on?  (35:17)

Amanda thinks she’s got what it takes to end Raven’s winning streak!  Can she beat him in pop culture trivia and claim the $1,800 jackpot!  (42:21)