Wednesday March 31th 2021: Wellness Wednesday; Hairdresser Break-Ups; Focus Group

Wednesday March 31th 2021:  Wellness Wednesday; Hairdresser Break-Ups; Focus Group

Auctions are a great way to get a deal on some cool items, but Anna found something truly extraordinary recently!  But she wasn’t sure if the price was right.  How much would you pay for this classic piece of American history?

Have you ever been part of a medical test or focus group?  We owe incredible medical advancements, like the new vaccine, to groups like this but would you ever actually participate in one?  Anna is always game for a focus group, but medical tests make her anxious.  One caller had a wild story about being in a sleep study!  (3:20)

Traffic accidents are an unfortunate part of life, but if you hit someone and THIS is your defense, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:32)

What if you could lower your stress level by just doing one simple thing every day?  Well, you can, and this Wellness Wednesday Anna and Raven are going to show you how!  But just because it’s quick and simple doesn’t mean it’s going to feel good…  (14:32)

If you were super famous, athletic, and rich, would you still have body image issues?  A well known celebrity recently got a cosmetic procedure done, but Anna thinks it may all be an elaborate April Fools joke!  (18:29)

March Gladness continues, and we’re moving on to the Elite 8!  Today’s matchup is between two Champions of Cheer; Puppy Kisses vs. Your Child Sleeping Through The Night!  Find out who wins in the podcast and vote online or call in to vote for tomorrow’s match-up!  (21:46)

Are you supposed to break up with your hair dresser?  Anna had an awkward run-in with her old hairdresser that she had ghosted on almost a decade ago!  How are you supposed to handling breaking up with your old hairdresser?  Anna and Raven asked several hairdressers and even an etiquette expert to find out!  (27:45)

Couples Court: Felicia’s good friend is having a bachelorette party in Mexico and all the bridesmaids are planning on going together. The maid-of-honor has suggested that the six women split the cost of the bride’s trip. It would be an additional $300 per woman. Her husband, Terry, thinks it’s crazy to ask her friends to pay for the bride’s trip when she’s already paying for her own fare! She says she can’t be the only one that doesn’t chip in. Whose side are you on?  (38:22)

Raven keeps winning and the jackpot keeps rising!  Will Michelle be the one to finally take him down and win the $1700 jackpot? (45:26)