Thursday March 25th 2021: Raven Picks ‘Em; First Email Address: Pen vs. Keyboard

Thursday March 25th 2021: Raven Picks ‘Em; First Email Address: Pen vs. Keyboard

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head and just can’t get it out?  A study came out that determined the top 9 catchiest songs ever, and Lady Gaga appears on the list 3 times!  But the number one song is one that has been stuck in every parent’s since 2016!

Every week, Anna picks three wild news stories, and Raven picks one of them to discuss further!  What will Raven pick this week?  The choices are between two women getting into a fist fight on a plane, a Disney employee taste testing the fountain water, and a man carrying a baby into an elephant enclosure! (3:41)

Home renovations are stressful and time consuming, but if the contractor takes a month to do a week long job, that’s all I need to know about them! (7:06)

What was your first email address?  Was it something boring like [email protected]?  Or was it something crazy?  Anna’s friend is a personal trainer and her email address is borderline inappropriate! (9:50)

March Gladness continues!  Anna and Raven take your votes to see what makes you happier! Today’s matchup is between two defenders of delight; Puppy Kisses vs. Getting a Warning When You’re Pulled Over!  Find out who wins in the podcast and vote online or call in to vote for tomorrow’s match-up!  (19:10)

Do you have a good memory?  Studies show that writing something with a pen can help you remember it better than just typing, so Anna and Raven decide to put it to the test!  Anna is going to type 10 random words, and Raven is going to write the same words on paper with a pen.  Is the pen mightier than the keyboard?  Find out in the podcast  (25:06)

Gianna’s mother has asked her boyfriend, Chris, to bar-tend her sister’s engagement party. He said yes, but then asked his girlfriend how much he should charge her mom. Gianna thinks you can’t charge her mom to be a bartender! Chris says that it’s his career, why wouldn’t he? He’s providing a service, if she came to the bar where he worked, he would have to charge her for a drink, what’s the difference? He’ll give her a discount but can’t just work for four hours for free. What do you think?  (31:22)

Joy and her team think they have what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can they win the $1300 jackpot?  (38:11)