Tuesday, March 16th, 2021: Buried in the Yard; Bad Grades; Tupperware Protocol

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021:  Buried in the Yard; Bad Grades; Tupperware Protocol

Congrats To Billie Eilish for winning the Grammy for Album of the Year!  But her acceptance speech?  It got a little awkward.  Anna and Raven explain why.

Fights with your kids are always tough, but nothing hurts more than hearing your child say “I Hate You”.  How do you deal with that?  Anna and Raven talk to Child Psychologist Joe Schippa about how to handle these types of comments.  (3:02)

It’s nice to be the “smart person” in the office, but if you say THIS to your co-workers when they don’t understand something, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:42)

Have you ever found something buried in your yard?  Have YOU ever buried something in your yard?  Anna and Raven couldn’t believe that a successful award-winning actress was burying this in her backyard!  (10:06)

After a year of living with the virus, many people are still stocking up on certain supplies from the grocery store.  Raven was one of the first people in the office to start stocking up on supplies, and Anna made so much fun of him a year ago!  Now though?  Let’s just say things have changed…  (17:35)

What do you consider a bad grade?  Anna said online that anything over a 75 is a good grade in her house, and some people gave her a lot of grief over it!  But a few callers expectations might just be a little too much!  (21:00)

Are you a Tupperware thief?  Anna never returns Tupperware, if you gave it to her it belongs to her now!  Turns out there are specific rules to what you are and are not supposed to return, but Anna and Raven are going to let the callers decide!  (27:48)

Darryl and Erica are trying to save money because both their salaries have been cut back. She wants to cancel the house cleaning service since it’s an extra expense of $300 a month.  He thinks it’s the most important money they spend because of the time they save from not doing the cleaning themselves. He also thinks she’s a terrible cleaner and thinks it will hinder their marriage and quality time together. Whose side are you on?  (34:52)

Jessica has got a shot at $600!  Can she defeat Raven in pop culture trivia and win the jackpot?  (40:49)