Tuesday, March 9th, 2021: Slumber Parties; Favorite Band; Morse Code

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021: Slumber Parties; Favorite Band; Morse Code

Although Olivia Wilde broke up with Jason Sudeikis, he still thanked her for the concept of his show “Ted Lasso.” Have you ever thanked an ex before? Anna & Raven wanted to thank their ex’s for something, and ironically it’s for the same exact thing! (0:00)

Most likely your favorite band is someone you started listening to in 7th grade around 13-years-old. Anna was into Green Day, Raven was blasting some Metallica, when did you start listening to your favorite band? (2:17)

If you are using your birthday as an excuse to go on Facebook and ask for this, than that is all I need to know about you! (6:05)

Do you still have a child living at home? How old are they? Millennial’s are trying to get rid of the negative condonation that living at home is a bad thing! (9:13)

How you ever had a sleep-over as an adult?  Like, with a friend, not the other way!  Adult slumber parties have been trending recently, and Anna has some fun ideas about what she would do at asleep-over as a married adult! (17:03)

If you witness a fender bender, what are you supposed to do? Call the cops? Leave? Make a citizen’s arrest!? Anna witnessed a minor accident last night and she didn’t know what to do! AAA PR Manager Andy Gross calls in to set her straight. Find out what you should do in the podcast! (20:10)

Kelly is relatively certain that a co-worker is stealing money from the restaurant where she works.  She thinks it’s her moral responsibility to let the owners know.  Rob says that she’s not a detective, she can’t know “for sure” and to just keep her mouth shut and stay out of it.  Whose side are you on? (28:00)

After Allison’s big win yesterday, the Can’t Beat Raven jackpot gets reset to $100! Can Kayla stop Raven’s new win streak before it even begins? (34:27)

Did you know there’s a club on Long Island just for learning morse code?! Anna and Raven not only try to learn morse code, but they asked, what unique club do you belong to?! See if you can decipher the morse code with our podcast! (38:22)