Monday, March 1st, 2021: Credit Due; Time You Got Scammed; Remember Your Wedding Song?

Monday, March 1st, 2021: Credit Due; Time You Got Scammed; Remember Your Wedding Song?

What kind of peanut butter do you prefer?  Believe it or not, a preference for smooth or crunchy may reveal something about your personality!

What sounds of pre-pandemic life do you miss?  Concerts?  Crowded bars?  Most of all Anna misses doing THIS at church ever Sunday!  (1:49)

Divorce and break-ups are hard, but if you attend an awards show looking like THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (5:47)

Have you ever been scammed?  Between email scams and robo-calls, it really happens to the best of us!  Anna and Raven share their stories and take calls about the times that they got scammed.  You won’t believe why Raven’s wife no longer lets him talk to salespeople on the phone!  (9:44)

Did you do something nice over the weekend, but didn’t get any credit?  Anna and Raven will give you the credit due!  Anna wanted to thank her husband for keeping her calm during a particularly stressful visit to the post office, but Raven want’s some credit for something slightly questionable!  (20:41)

Do you remember your wedding song?  Turns out, a majority of people don’t remember what it was, especially after they’d been married for THIS long!  (27:26)

Carl just found out that his wife, Amy, lied to him about their 18-year-old smoking. He had told his son that if he caught him smoking one more time, he would take away his car. She had caught their son and she purposely didn’t tell her husband because she felt bad him when he begged “not to tell dad”. Now, weeks have gone by and the truth has come out, he can’t believe that his wife would lie to protect his son. Was she in the wrong? (36:46)

Raven is on a roll and the jackpot for Can’t Beat Raven is up to $1,400!  Does Melissa have what it takes to beat him?  (42:30)