Friday, Feb 26th, 2021: Raven’s Report Card; Next Door Theatre; Greatest Movie Ending

Friday, Feb 26th, 2021: Raven’s Report Card; Next Door Theatre; Greatest Movie Ending

Have you ever been star-struck?  Anna’s is friends with Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, and she STILL feels nervous when they get together.  And you won’t believe what celebrity’s leather pants took Raven’s breath away!

What’s your favorite piece of clothing that’s no longer in style?  Anna was distraught after hearing that THIS piece of clothing is back in style, but Raven is loving it!  (2:51)

Stealing anything is a terrible thing to do, but if you steal someone’s pets by doing THIS, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:51)

Every week, Raven’s wife Alicia calls the show and gives Raven a grade based on how good of a husband he was.  This week, Raven did something terrible.  He ate his wife’s leftovers!  She’s not happy about it, but Raven made it even worse when he said THIS!  (10:29)

Have you ever used the Next Door app?  It’s a great tool to find out what’s going on in your neighborhood, but the comment’s section can get a little ridiculous.  So naturally, Anna and Raven decided to act out some of their favorites!  (14:28)

What’s the greatest movie ending of all time?  Many people say “Titanic”, but did you know that the original ending was not only very different, but also completely terrible?  Find out what it is and find out Anna and Raven’s favorite movie endings in the podcast!  (18:09)

Have you ever heard of  It’s Anna’s new obsession!  It’s a site that lets you buy returned items from retail outlets.  The only trick is, you never know what’s in your order until it arrives!  Will it be incredible, or total trash?  Anna and Raven open their WiBargain order in the podcast!  (28:23)

When Sean and Gina bought their home, they turned the downstairs bedroom into an office. But now (surprise!), they have a second child on the way. It’s a boy, they already have a daughter who is three years old. She says they must sell their house because she won’t be able to sleep- ever- if she’s on a different floor from her kids, he says she’s being nuts! He says they have a monitor, what’s the difference if they’re sleeping on a different floor? it is the same house! Whose side are you on?  (32:23)

Susan has a chance to win $1300! Will 13 be her lucky number, or will Raven’s winning streak continue?  (38:59)