Thursday, Feb 25th, 2021: Awkward First Date; Eat Your Vegetables; Your Spouse’s Job

Thursday, Feb 25th, 2021: Awkward First Date; Eat Your Vegetables; Your Spouse’s Job

If something was right in front of your face, warning you about imminent danger, would you just ignore it?  Raven did, and the results weren’t pretty!

Are you up to date with this week’s news?  Anna has picked three news stories and it’s up to Raven to decide which one they talk about!  What will he pick this week?  Find out in the podcast.  (2:03)

It’s one thing to care about public safety, but if you arrest THIS guy for doing something that wasn’t even illegal two years ago, that’s all I need to know about you!  (5:59)

Do you eat your vegetables?  Be honest.  Turns out, at least ¼ of adults don’t eat their vegetables, because they can’t find a way to make them taste good!  Anna and Raven talk to The Food Network’s Chef Plum for some great tips on how to make your vegetables delicious!  (9:40)

What was the worst first date you’ve ever had?  Raven had an unfortunate wedgie situation at a water park, but Anna once went back to a guy’s apartment, only to find out he had THIS all over his walls!  (16:44)

Do you think you could do your spouse’s job?  One of the tough things about being in radio is that everyone thinks they could do it.  So, Anna and Raven decided to ask their spouses if they think they could take over for them!  Anna’s husband is cautiously optimistic, but Raven’s wife has some strong opinions about it!  (27:27)

Joe and Allison’s five-year-old son has a lizard that just died. Dad told his son that the lizard was just not feeling well and is at the vet. Mom is livid, why would he lie to him? Tell him it’s dead! He has a plan, buy a new lizard, replace it- People do it all the time. This isn’t the time to do the “real world” death talk. Plus, the lizard was only a few months old, he’ll think he killed it. Whose side are you on?  (34:09)

Marie wants to win that $1,200 jackpot!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (40:08)