Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2021: Wellness Wednesday; Parent Superpower; Chef at the Table

Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2021:  Wellness Wednesday; Parent Superpower; Chef at the Table

Have you ever wanted something so badly, just because you knew you couldn’t have it?  Anna heard about THIS new invite-only app and she wants in!

Have you ever taken a forest bath?  Don’t worry, it’s not as gross as it sounds.  Anna and Raven heard that it can help you calm down and promote a positive mindset, so they decided to test it out!  Find out what it is, and how it went in the podcast!  (3:57)

Tiger Woods got into a car crash yesterday!  He’s going to be fine, but if your first question at the press conference is THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:51)

Do you have a family member who just refuses to use modern technology?  Raven’s Grandfather has been stopping by his house constantly, because he refuses to use THIS piece of technology that literally everyone else in the world uses everyday!  (11:24)

Are dogs a good judge of character?  Raven thinks that if his dogs don’t like you, there must be a reason, but Anna has a different explanation for her dog’s mistrust of some people!  (18:27)

Picture this, you’re enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant, and the Chef comes out from the kitchen to see how your meal is going.  Is that awkward, or awesome?  Anna and Raven let the callers decide, find out what they think in the podcast!  (22:10)

Did becoming a parent give you a secret superpower?  Raven’s budgetary skills skyrocketed when he became a parent, but Anna thinks she might have developed a REAL superpower!  (29:16)

Joanna and Mike have three children and it’s time for him to replace his current SUV. He’s been shopping and found himself a used Dodge Charger that he really wants. She is adamant that he get an SUV. How is he going to cram three kids, backpacks, soccer equipment into a Dodge Charger?! She drives a sensible SUV, it’s not her dream car, but it’s practical for their family! She still commutes to work every day; he does pick up and drop off, do you think he’s being unreasonable?  (36:17)

Raven’s on a roll!  Does Kelly have what it takes to break his win streak and win $1100?