Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2021: Binge vs. Weekly; Crazy Plane Stories; Childish Excuse

Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2021:  Binge vs. Weekly; Crazy Plane Stories; Childish Excuse

Do you prefer to binge watch new shows watch a weekly episode?  Raven loves to watch an entire season of TV on a Saturday afternoon, but Anna thinks that one episode a week fits better with her schedule.  What do you prefer?  Anna and Raven put a poll on Facebook to find out!

How much red meat is TOO much?  It feels like everyone always has a different answer, so Anna and Raven called in an expert!  Registered Dietician Jill Weisenberger calls in to the show to give her professional advice.  (3:23)

A lot of people are feeling over-worked these days, but if you do THIS to get a day off from work, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:06)

Have you ever used your kids as an excuse?  Raven has used his (adult) son’s birthday to leverage more vacation time, and Anna has no problem blaming her kids every time she wants to get out of doing THIS!  (10:59)

Have you ever been on a gameshow?  A viral video is going around of one woman’s appearance on Let’s Make a Deal, and it made Anna sad.  You see, Anna’s family was offered a chance to appear on Family Feud, until THIS happened!  (17:45)

What’s your craziest plane story?  A flight to Hawaii recently had an engine explode mid-flight which caused a lot damage, but miraculously no injuries!  Anna and Raven asked callers what their craziest plane story was, and one story involving a seeing-eye dog almost sounds made up!  (24:45)

During the pandemic Mark started a garage band with his old college buddies. They started it as something fun to do since they were all so bored. Now, they meet three times a week in his basement. His wife, Chloe, thinks it’s time to give it up. They lock themselves in the playroom for hours, drink beer, and ban the kids from going downstairs. She thinks the novelty is over, it’s time to stop. He says it’s fun and it’s his “guy time”. Whose side are you on?  (34:19)

Anna loves to give away money, especially a nice round number like $1000!  Does Rose have what it takes to beat Raven and win the jackpot?  (41:57)

Earlier in the show, Anna and Raven put out a poll to see if people prefer binge-watching or weekly episodes when it comes to TV watching.  Well, the results are in!  Find out the answer in the podcast.  (45:16)