Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2021: Torture Your Sibling; Weird Breakfast; Word You Mispronounce

Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2021:  Torture Your Sibling; Weird Breakfast; Word You Mispronounce

What word do you always mispronounce?  Anna has trouble saying “buffet”, but there’s one super common word that over 95% of people are mispronouncing!  Find out what it is in the podcast!

How do you get rid of household pests?  Raven has had a family of rabbits messing up his yard for the last few weeks, but being an animal lover, he knew he had to trap it humanely.  The problem is, after he got rid of the rabbit, his wife started having second thoughts because of THIS!  (3:35)

Breakups are hard under the best of circumstances, but if you leave your fiancé for a pop star, on THIS day, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:11)

Did you torture your sibling, or did your sibling torture you?  Raven used to rough-house with his younger siblings, but you won’t believe the song Anna made up about her sister!  (10:54)

Do you have any first date deal-breakers?  A caller told Anna and Raven about a date she went on, and she said it was going well until her date pulled out THIS at the end of the meal!  Do you think it’s a deal-breaker?  (21:41)

What weird thing do you eat for breakfast?  Anna used to eat chocolate cake every morning when she was a kid, which is definitely a little much, but it turns out that THIS junk food is actually healthier than you think!  (28:37)

Ben and Nicole’s nine-year-old son hid his report card so that he would not get in trouble for getting a few bad grades. Nicole found out when his social studies teacher called him to speak to her about his grade. Nicole is furious and says at least a month with no electronics as punishment, Ben says to cut him some slack. It’s been a tough year for kids, and he needs a pass on this. Whose side are you on?  (35:05)

Raven is on another winning streak!  The jackpot is up to $500, but Jennifer thinks she has what it takes to claim it!  (41:32)