Tuesday Feb 9th, 2021: Wine Expert; Bulking Season; What Did You Hit?

Tuesday Feb 9th, 2021:  Wine Expert; Bulking Season; What Did You Hit?

After this whole GameStop drama, Anna wants to get into the stock market!  Only problem is, she has no idea what she’s doing…

Have you ever seen a married couple that’s been together so long, they’ve started to look alike?  Turns out, there are actual scientific reasons for it!  Anna and Raven take a look at the list, and one of the reasons totally grossed Anna out!  (3:14)

It’s one thing to be cuddly and romantic on Valentine’s Day, but if you and your significant other do THIS at a restaurant, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:55)

How long is a bottle of wine good for after you open it?  Anna and Raven spoke to Anna Christina, a sommelier (wine expert), and she gave them some great tips on how to keep your wine fresh!  Get the answers to all your wine questions in the podcast!  (10:25)

Have you ever heard of bulking season?  Anna hadn’t, but now she likes the sound of it!  Especially the part about the girl scout cookies…  (14:23)

Nobody is a great driver the first year they have their license, but some are definitely better than others!  What did you hit the first year you had your license?  Anna did a number on her garage, and Raven took out a truck bumper.  But you won’t believe what he told his mom to try to get out of trouble!  (16:51)

With Valentines Day’s coming up, some couples need a little help getting the spark back in their relationship.  Anna and Raven spoke to comedian and relationship expert Courtney Davis, and she’s got some tips to heat things up for the holiday!  (27:54)

Rick thinks Valentine’s Day is stupid and has said time and time again that it is a fake holiday. His wife, Ashley, says they’ve been married five years and have never once celebrated because of his negative views about Valentine’s Day. She says, enough, she wants roses, candy, the normal stuff. He says it’s out of principle that he won’t participate. Whose side are you on?  (35:45)

Linda and the Post office crew are teaming up to take on Raven in pop culture trivia!  Will their combined efforts be enough to win the $2500 jackpot?  (43:51)