Monday Feb 8th, 2021: Credit Due; Streaker; Trick to Remember Something

Monday Feb 8th, 2021:  Credit Due; Streaker; Trick to Remember Something

Should the day after the Super Bowl be a holiday?  Raven thinks so, and he’s got some ideas on how to make it happen!

Anna doesn’t know much about football, but luckily Football Expert Tom Rock gave her 3 things she could say during the game to make it look like she knows what she’s talking about!  Anna tried them out last night and it didn’t exactly go the way she expected!  (1:07)

A lot of people take the big game seriously, but if you demand silence during the Super Bowl, but then do THIS during the commercials, that’s all I need to know about you!  (5:06)

A lot of great plays happened last night, but the best run of the night wasn’t done by a player!  Get the full story and hear the hilarious audio in the podcast!  (8:08)

What do you think was the best commercial from last nights Super Bowl?  Anna and Raven share their picks, and Anna’s surprisingly like a commercial that everyone else hated!  ((11:49)

What did you think of last night’s halftime show?  Anna and Raven thought it was good, but The Weeknd didn’t do this ONE thing that could’ve made it great!  (15:49)

Did you do something nice for someone over the weekend, but they didn’t give you any credit?  Or did someone do something nice for you, but you forgot to thank them?  Anna and Raven will give you the credit due!  Last night’s Superbowl MVP was Tom Brady, but Raven thought someone else at the game didn’t get enough credit!  (19:17)

Do you have a trick for remembering complicated thing?  Anna could never remember how many days are in each month until a couple callers showed her THIS trick to figure it out!  (24:35)

Sam thinks his wife, Regina, is “buying into the baby proofing hype”. She wants to put gates at every stairwell, install hideous plastic things all around their furniture corners, and put plastic knobs over all the doorknobs. She even wants to hire a company that comes in and does it all for them. She says she’s baby-proofing, their son is turning one and it’s only a matter of time before he starts walking and putting himself at risk. He thinks it’s stupid. Teach the kid not to go down the stairs, let him learn the hard way. Plus, who pays for a company to do this for them? It’ll make their beautiful home ugly. Whose side are you on?  (31:46)

The jackpot for Can’t Beat Raven is now $2,400!  Does Danielle have what it takes to beat Raven and win the prize?  (38:30)