Friday Feb 5th, 2021: Raven’s Report Card; Super Bowl; What You Forgot

Friday Feb 5th, 2021:  Raven’s Report Card; Super Bowl; What You Forgot

Are you a big football fan who knows everything about the game?  Or are you more like Anna, who has no idea what’s going on?!  No matter what kind of fan you are, Anna and Raven have some fun Super Bowl facts that anyone can appreciate!

Wanna sound smart at your Super Bowl party, but don’t know anything about Football?  Never fear, Anna and Raven spoke to football expert Tom Rock, and he has 3 things you can say to make yourself sound knowledgeable!  (3:44)

Being a porch pirate is bad enough, but if you get caught being a porch pirate and you try to say THIS as an excuse, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:44)

Every Friday, Raven’s wife Alicia calls into the show and gives Raven a grade on how good a husband he was this week!  Raven loves to eat on Super Bowl Sunday, but you’ll never believe what random food he asked his wife to make for him!  Find out what it was, and what grade he gets, in the podcast!  (11:06)

Guacamole is a staple of any Super Bowl meal, but it’s surprisingly easy to mess up!  Luckily,  Anna and Raven spoke to Chef plum who has one secret trick to make sure your guac tastes amazing!  (15:05)

Its late at night, you’re ready for bed, but your guests just won’t leave!  How do you get your guests to leave after a party?  Ann and Raven asked callers what they do to clear out their house, and one woman’s folding chair strategy was genius!  (18:31)

Have you ever forgotten something so important that you had to turn around and go back for it?  Anna forgot her purse at the gym, and didn’t realize until she got home, but you wont believe where Raven left his laptop!  (29:36)

Luis and Jane have been dating a year and a half. Jane hates that Luis still wears his “favorite hoodie” that was given to him by his ex-girlfriend. She wants him to get rid of it because she says it is a “memento from his ex”. He thinks she’s being ridiculous, it’s just a sweatshirt and it’s his favorite! Would you make your significant other stop wearing something that was a gift from an ex? Whose side are you on?  (36:32)

Anna loves it when Raven loses on a Friday!  Does Rose have what it takes to beat him and win the $2300 prize?