Thursday Feb 4th, 2021: How Smart is Your Dog?; CDC Super Bowl; Are You Still An Uncle?

Thursday Feb 4th, 2021:  How Smart is Your Dog?; CDC Super Bowl; Are You Still An Uncle?

Most people have spent the last year, in quarantine with their family.  But if you got to pick who you quarantined with, who would you pick?  Anna and Raven thought about it, and they definitely didn’t pick their families!

Most people agree that Whitney Houston did the best version of the Star Spangled Banner, but who did the WORST version?  Anna and Raven go through some of the worst versions of the national anthem and pick their (least) favorites!  (2:35)

Emojis can be a useful way to convey tone in a text message or email, but if you use emojis as an excuse to say THIS, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:35)

The CDC has released their suggestions for Covid-safe Superbowl Parties and Anna and Raven…have some questions.  Could you make it through the Super Bowl without raising your voice?  Get the full CDC list in the podcast!  (9:45)

Did you know that Tom Brady drinks half his body weight in ounces of water every day?  Yesterday Anna and Raven asked Producer Jon to try it, and today he reveals the transformative effects it had on his body!  (13:26)

How smart is your dog?  The average dog can remember 165 words, but can they spell?  Anna claims her dog can, and she has proof!  (16:23)

Brenda’s sister is upset that their children call a family friend “Aunt Caroline”. She insists that only blood relatives deserve the “aunt” title and wants them to tell the kids to stop calling her that. Brenda’s husband, Josh, doesn’t see what the big deal is about any of this. What do you think? Should non-related family friends “get” the title aunt or uncle?  (26:17)

If you get divorced, does your ex still get to be called Aunt/Uncle by your nieces and nephews?  Anna and Raven got a call about this and they have VERY different opinions on it!  Find out what they think in the podcast!  (33:30)

Raven is on a roll with 21 victories in a row!  Does Chris have what it takes to beat him and claim the $2,200 prize?  (39:16)