Thursday Jan 28th, 2021: Un-Dateable; Teen Slang; What Are You Addicted To?

Thursday Jan 28th, 2021: Un-Dateable; Teen Slang; What Are You Addicted To?

How do you think people in other countries view America?  Anna and Raven go over a list of what other countries think are the best AND worst things about America!  Apparently, the rest of the world loves the Super Bowl, but hates racial inequality.  Makes sense, but you’ll never guess what they hate the most!

Are there certain jobs that make someone “un-dateable”?  Anna’s friend said it was lucky Anna was married, because nobody would want to date someone who talks about their personal life on the radio that much!  Anna and Raven compare the most (and least) “date-able” jobs!  (3:15)

It’s one thing to want a raise, but if you steal money from your job, especially THIS much money, that’s all I need to know about you! (3:13)

What’s your (legal) addiction?  Anna can’t get enough of Sandy’s Pita Chips, but what Raven is addicted to says a lot about his personality!  (10:51)

How do you and your significant other sit on the couch?  Do you cuddle in the corner?  Do you even sit on the same couch!?  Believe it or not, your answer says a lot about the state of your relationship!  Get the full story in the podcast… (22:13)

Are you up-to-date on all the new teen slang?  Raven thinks he knows all the hip new lingo, so Anna gives him a quiz on it!  Find out how he does, and learn which slang to watch out for, in the podcast!  (28:48)

What do you do if someone steals your laptop?  Anna and raven talk to Eric B. Cole, a cyber-security expert who has some great tips to avoid making a tough situation worse!  (32:47)

Stephanie’s father passed away last year, and her stepmother still uses his personal Facebook page to respond to people and to post things even though she has her own. Stephanie wants her to memorialize the page and stop utilizing it. It’s jarring when she sees an update from her deceased father. Her husband, Jacob, says she’s overreacting. She probably finds it comforting and it’s not her place to tell her stepmother what to do. Whose side are you on?  (36:47)

Raven is on a roll, and the jackpot for Can’t Beat Raven is up to $1,700!  Does Kim have what it takes to claim the prize?  (43:29)