Monday, Jan. 18th, 2021: Dad Jokes; Chivalry; Nomophobia

Monday, Jan. 18th, 2021: Dad Jokes; Chivalry; Nomophobia

Anna’s husband Paul loves to tell a good dad joke to annoy their daughter Hayden. How will Hayden react to some of Paul’s newest additions to his book of dad jokes?

Loud cars, no turn signals and driving recklessly!? That is certainly all I need to know about you! (3:02)

Is Chivalry dead? Anna has come up with a social experiment to test her husband’s romantic side. Did he pass? Did Raven pass when his wife, Alicia, did the same test? (6:23)

Ever do something and not get the credit for it? That’s OK, because we got you covered and will give you all the recognition you need and deserve every Monday with Credit Due! (14:22)

Have you ever left your phone at home and just had to go back for it!? Nomophobia is a fear of being without your phone… and Anna definitely has it. Do you have the symptoms? (21:26)

Couples Court: Becca got security cameras and wants to put them all over the house without telling the kids, Jeff says that’s an invasion of privacy and they shouldn’t be spying on their own kids! Becca says if they’re doing something they shouldn’t, parents should know what their kids are up to. Whose side are you on? (25:03)

Does Tom have what it takes to end the current “Can’t Beat Raven” win streak? Or will we add another $100 to the jackpot for another lucky contestant to try their luck at? (31:11)

There are so many times in life where you just want to hide, maybe sneaking a midnight snack or a piece of candy. Where have you hid and why?  (34:59)