The Anna & Raven Show: Bad Interview, Puzzles, Donut Debacle

The Anna & Raven Show: Bad Interview, Puzzles, Donut Debacle

Tuesday Jan 12th, 2021


Did you know that it’s National Pizza Week?  Anna saw that Pineapple and Ham pizza was one of the most popular toppings of 2020, but wait until you hear what is coming in 2021!  Find out this year’s must-try pizza toppings in the podcast!


Are you good at putting together puzzles?  Anna’s 11 year-old daughter put a new puzzle together in under three minutes the other day, and that got Anna wondering.  Could Raven put the puzzle together that fast?  Find out in the podcast!  (3:12)


People getting ads in their email is nothing new, but if you are spamming people’s email trying to sell THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:39)


What job did you interview for, but not get?  Anna got rejected by Pepperidge Farms right out of college, but Raven’s rejection actually cost him TWO jobs!  Get the full story in the podcast!  (14:38)


Is Anna Zap out of line?  Anna went to a boutique donut shop over the weekend, the kind of place that has lines around the block!  So, naturally, she bought a ton of donuts to share with her family, right?  Well the people behind her weren’t too happy about it!  Find out what happened in the podcast.  (21:22)


Have you ever had a crazy landlord?  You won’t believe what Anna’s old landlord said to her father when she moved in to her first apartment!  Find out what happened in the podcast.  (28:19)


After six years of marriage, Rob wants to have separate bedrooms. Rob loves to stay up late and watch TV, eat ice cream in bed, all things his wife Beth won’t him do. He thinks this is the perfect solution! Beth asks what married couple doesn’t sleep together? It’s not a dorm room, it’s their bedroom and he needs to be an adult. Whose side are you on?  (35:17)


Alice take on Raven in pop culture trivia today on Can’t Beat Raven!  Does she have what it takes to win the $500 jackpot?  (41:41)