The Anna & Raven Show: Raven’s Report Card; Old Christmas Cards; Robo Ads

The Anna & Raven Show: Raven’s Report Card; Old Christmas Cards; Robo Ads

Friday, Jan 8th, 2021


Have you ever had someone steal your food out of the office fridge?  There’s a mystery afoot, and Anna’s gonna solve it!  And she’s got a pretty good idea who the primary suspect is…


Do you believe in astrology?  Anna and Raven are skeptical, but their guest Astrologer Anne might convince them!  Find out her predictions for 2021 in the podcast. (3:00)


Break ups are tough, but if you say THIS on social media after a break up, that’s all I need to know about you!   (6:53)


Raven’s Report Card:  Earlier this week, Anna asked Raven if he believed in true love.  His wife was…not happy with his answer.  Hear her reaction and see what grade Raven gets as a husband this week, in the podcast!  (10:53)


Do you keep your old Christmas cards?  How long do you wait before throwing them away?  Raven couldn’t believe Anna’s answer!  Find out what it was in the podcast.  (14:52)


The riots in the capitol this Wednesday were an absolute tragedy.  But also, what was going on with those outfits?  Minotaur horns, seriously?  Apparently dressing up for protests is a thing.  Anna and Raven discuss what they would dress up as in the podcast!  (26:25)


Do you ever get targeted ads on social media?  How do they KNOW?  Anna and Raven talk about the why and how of social media Robo Ads.  Find out what Facebook tries to sell them in the podcast!  (29:43)


Laura and Dennis have been house hunting and Laura feels like they found the perfect place! The problem is that house once belonged to Dennis’s ex-childhood friend.They had a falling out when they were younger and haven’t spoken in twenty years. Laura thinks his reasoning is ridiculous as it’s the rperfect house, plus, his friend doesn’t live there anymore. Dennis feels that living there is a constant reminder of his ex-best friend. Whose side are you on?  (36:45)


CBR- Dotty tries to win the $300 jackpot in Can’t Beat Raven?  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia?  (44:08)