The Anna & Raven Show: DC Riots; Getting Stuck; Dry-uary

The Anna & Raven Show: DC Riots; Getting Stuck; Dry-uary

Thursday Jan 7th, 2021


Yesterday was…a lot.  Rioting in the capitol over the Presidential election complicated things, but our elected officials eventually got the job done. At 3am.  How do you think they stayed up that late?  Anna and Raven have some ideas, find out what they are in the podcast!


Are you taking part in Dry-uary?  Going booze free for the first month of the year?  Anna and Raven have some…feelings about it.  Find out in the podcast!  (3:29)


Performance art is one thing, but if you do THIS to your face, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:00)


They’re definitely not reporters, but Anna and Raven have three things you need to know about yesterdays news.  Find out what they are in the podcast!  (9:36)


Have you ever gotten stuck?  Car stuck on a snow bank?  Fall down a well?  Anna get’s stuck frequently in THIS piece of clothing, and you won’t believe the reason why!  Get the full story in the podcast.  (13:36)


Do you let your kids know what’s going on in the news?  With all the drama these days, Anna doesn’t know what the right thing to do with her pre-teen is.  Anna and Raven weigh the pro’s and con’s in the podcast!  (25:07)


Child psychologist Dr. Joe Schippa discusses how to appropriately address yesterday’s protests with your children.  If you missed it, catch up with our podcast.  (28:36)


We pretended to “like” a lot of things during 2020, but does anyone REALLY want to have a Zoom cocktail hour with friends?  Do we REALLY like working out at home?  Can we stop pretending we liked these things about the worst year ever?  Anna and Raven discuss it in the podcast.  (32:37)


Ryan watches horror films with their six-year-old son as part of their “family bonding time”. Lyla (aka Mom) had no idea they were watching R rated films until their son’s teacher called home to address it. Ryan says it’s no big deal, he’s mature, and loves it! She says it’s humiliating and it has to end. Whose side are you on?  (39:01)


Gloria thinks she has what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she do it, or will Raven’s winning streak continue?  (46:14)