The Anna & Raven Show: Credit Due; Weird Lies; Resolutions

The Anna & Raven Show: Credit Due; Weird Lies; Resolutions

Monday, Jan 4th, 2021

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year?  Or did 2020 kinda ruin that?  Anna and Raven have modified their resolutions to fit the “New Normal”.  Find out what they are in the podcast


What’s the weirdest lie you’ve ever told?  Alec Baldwin’s wife is in the news for (allegedly?) lying about being Spanish.  Anna and Raven share the weirdest lies they’ve ever told in the podcast.


Has a stranger ever scolded you for something in public?  Did you have a witty comeback?  Or just slink off with your tail between your legs?  You won’t believe what a stranger said to Anna in a Walmart last weekend!  Find out in the podcast!


The late Alex Trebek’s last episodes of Jeopardy are airing this week and Anna and Raven celebrate his legacy.  Whats your favorite jeopardy category?  Anna and Raven reveal theirs in the podcast!


What did you do over the holidays that you didn’t get credit for?  Anna cleaned up her Christmas tree and decorations all by herself and instead of saying thank you, her kids said THIS!  Get the full story in the podcast.


Adam and Tiffany are dating and recently moved in together. His parents bought them a couch for Christmas and it was just delivered. She thinks it’s hideous and doesn’t match her vision for their first home. She wants him to ask them to return it, he says you can’t return a gift- especially a couch! She says they were wrong to get them something so personal. Whose side are you on?


Lynn and the Post Office Crew are the first people to take on Raven this year?  Will 2021 begin with a loss for Raven, or will the jackpot rise to $1500?