The Anna & Raven Show: Tiktok Mom; Terrible Tattoos; Russian Vaccine

The Anna & Raven Show: Tiktok Mom; Terrible Tattoos; Russian Vaccine

Thursday December 10, 2020


Have you ever had THIS nightmare?  Turns out, most American’s have it all the time, but Anna just had it for the first time last night!  Find out what it is, and why, in the podcast!


Are you excited for the new lifetime special this weekend?  It sounds great!  It stars Mario Lopez as the romantic lead and he plays a younger version of….WHO?! You won’t believe who it is!  Find out in the podcast  (3:30)


How much money do you spend on your pets at Christmas time?  The average American spends about $70, but Millennials spend WAY more!  Find out how much in the podcast! (7:04)


Shannon is just your average mom. Except she has 8.5 million likes on Tiktok!  Find out the secret behind her success in the podcast!  (10:41)


What’s the worst tattoo you’ve ever seen?  Anna and Raven share some of the most cringey tattoos they’ve ever seen, including some of their own! Raven has a few that he wishes he’d never gotten!  Find out what they are in the podcast!  (14:39)


The new Covid vaccine is (hopefully) coming soon!  But Russia apparently already has one out called “Sputnik V”, if you’re feeling impatient!  The only trick is, you can’t do THIS for 6 months!  Find out what it is in the podcast.  (25:41)


The Santa Tip Line is back!  Leave Santa a voicemail and let him know who has been naughty or nice this year!  Anna and Raven may play your message on the air!  (29:05)


Chris and Denise are expecting a child and would like to name him Charles after Chris’s father. One problem, Denise’s sister has a six-month-old puppy named Charles. Chris would like Denise to ask her sister to change (or alter) her puppy’s name. Denise says you can’t ask someone to change their pet’s name! Whose side are you on? (31:41)


Ed has a shot at winning $700!  Can he beat Raven, or will the jackpot rise to $800? (37:53)