The Anna & Raven Show: Wellness Wednesday; Aliens; Tree Count

The Anna & Raven Show: Wellness Wednesday; Aliens; Tree Count

Wednesday December 9, 2020

Running is no fun when it’s cold outside, but Anna and Raven have a way to get your blood pumping and even spark creativity!  Find out how in the podcast!


The Santa Tip Line is back!  Leave Santa a voice mail, and let him know who has been naughty or nice this season!  Anna and Raven might play your message on the air!  (2:41)


Parents across the country are trying anything to cheer their kids up during quarantine.  But if you bake your kid a cake that looks like THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (5:41)


Do you leave snacks for the delivery guy?  Leaving food for the delivery people is a big new trend, but do these guys even want the food?  It is the middle of a pandemic after all.  Anna and Raven talk to an Amazon driver to find out!  Hear the full interview in the podcast!  (9:34)


Do you believe in Aliens?  A reputable Israeli scientist claims that he has evidence of Alien life.  Even the President (supposedly) knows about it!  Raven is skeptical, but Anna is starting to believe!  Get the full story in the podcast! (12:53)


Have you ever run into someone who looks exactly like you?  Turns out, most people have!  Anna and Raven saw a study on how many look-alikes the average person has, and you won’t believe how many it is!  Find out in the podcast!  (15:39)


How many Christmas tree’s do you have in your house?  Anna and Raven saw a study from the American Christmas Tree Association (yes, that’s a real thing), that gave some surprising statistics!  Anna only has one tree, but you might be surprised at how many trees are in Raven’s house!  Find out in the podcast!  (18:59)


Have you ever read a news story, and then not been able to stop thinking about it?  Anna read a story about a woman who spent WEEKS hallucinating, and you won’t believe the reason why!  Find out what happened in the podcast!  (26:06)


Lucy bought only holiday themed gift bags to put all the gifts in for Christmas, but Roger thinks it’s not a real gift if you don’t wrap it with wrapping paper! Everyone knows that gift bags are for people you don’t care about! Lucy says the bags are better because they are ecofriendly, plus she can’t stand having to wrap all those gifts every year, its tedious! Whose side are you on?  (30:05)


Raven has been on a roll and the jackpot is up to $600!  Does Jackie have what it takes to beat him?  (36:36)